What We Do

Our Services

From hands-on creative development to final production, we are dedicated to providing precisely what our clients are searching for without misrepresenting their ethos or aesthetic. Our unwavering belief in sustainable yet uncompromised design is what defines our services whilst our drive to support brands with innovative fabrics, bold ideas and a friendly rapport is what separates us from our competitors. If you would like to know more about our services, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Fashion Moodboards


Brand Specific Research

-Discern the target consumer
-Analyse Competitors
-Identify the brand best selling items
-Forecast trends & catwalk inspirations
-Market research from current stores as well as vintage

Fashion Design/Cads Proposals


Designing For The Future

-Stay ahead of the latest trends
-Style proposals that stay true to our client’s brand handwriting
-New and unique fabrics proposals for every season

Sampling & Production


Trustworthy and Reliable

-We commit to keeping our clients 100% satisfied and proud of everything we produce together
-We will always maintain the highest level of professionalism
-We will cultivate strong, lasting business relationships